The Together, Restoring their Names Fellowship is a rewarding two semester opportunity for students of all backgrounds.

Travel the world

A small group of the most engaged Together, Restoring their Names Fellows will be selected for spots on our subsidized Holocaust service-learning trips around the world. These students will be picked from the larger group of Fellows as they stand out as the ones who want to make the biggest difference - not all Fellows are invited to take part in our trips. This year Together, Restoring their Names will be leading trips to Prague in February, and Poland during the summer of 2019. Last year, student Fellows traveled to The Netherlands during winter break, and Washington, D.C. during the spring semester.

Shape your experience

At the beginning of your Fellowship, you will work remotely with Together, Restoring their Names staff and other student Fellows to plan and organize the Holocaust memory service-learning projects which you want to take part in. Opportunities include working directly with local Holocaust survivors, engaging students on your campus with innovative Holocaust programming, and brainstorming your own ideas on how to restore the names of victims. The Fellowship is built on a flexible schedule with no mandated time commitment. You decide how much time you want to dedicate to your projects and volunteering.

Fellows are expected to meet goals to heighten the impact of their work. We will work together to build goals for each individual fellow which fits in their schedule and plays into their strengths and interests. Possible goals include:

Implementing on-campus Holocaust events, partnering with other campus groups

Writing a short articles for our Reflections page

Hold three off campus Holocaust related events with senior citizens, youth groups, or new immigrants

Plan and implement a large community event or on campus event for Yom HaShoah in April 2019

Lead and plan post trip events following our travels to Prague and Poland

Produce educational films on Holocaust related topics

Curate Holocaust Newspaper Articles with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Meet fundraising goals for charities which work directly with Holocaust survivors

Drive or escort survivors for medical visits, social events, and other transportation needs on rolling basis

Work with Holocaust writers to research for their publications

Have your own idea? We can help bring it to life!

Develop leadership and communication skills

In today's competitive job market, experienced and skilled students are at the forefront of employer demand. During the fellowship, you will work to develop marketable skills. Throughout your experience, you can work with an accomplished writer to publish your thoughts in our Reflections blog, as well as in the news media. At the end of your Fellowship, you and your fellowship team will have the opportunity to work with an experienced event organizer to plan, promote, and lead an incredible intercampus event to spread your knowledge to students across the Boston area. 

Applications for the Fellowship are accepted on a rolling basis, but please apply as soon as possible.


Questions? Email Elan Kawesch at