The Coalition Against Anti-Semitism in Europe (CAASE) is a student-led. student-run human rights initiative combating European anti-Semitism. CAASE recognizes European Jewish students and their allies are unable to express themselves due to discrimination, intimidation and violence. They mobilize in America to guarantee the safety, security, and empowerment of European Jewish students and their allies.

In February, 2016, six CAASE students, supported by Together, Restoring their Names, traveled to the United Kingdom to witness and learn about the affects of antisemitism on the ground in Europe. The students were 2015 Greater Boston Chess Champion and CAMERA David Bar-Ilan Award for Outstanding Campus Activism 2015 winner Misha Vilenchuk, Brandeis Judges for Israel Social Media Coordinator and former Westchester County Executive Office Assistant Yaela Halper, Harvard AIPAC founding member and six time national fencing champion Jenny Horowitz, Harvard Class of 2019 Undergraduate Council Representative and former member of the Irvine Youth Action Team Alex Popovski, Clark University Student Government Representative and Hillel board member Hannah Smith, and Clark student leader Lilia Gaufberg. 

During their short time in London, the group met with Union of Jewish Students president Hannah Brady, student leaders from King’s College London and University of Kent, and Ambrosine Shitrit of Campaign4Truth and Eye on AntiSemitism. Additionally, they began to comprehend UK Jewry through the lens of art at the London Jewish Museum with the exhibits titled “Blood” and “Memory Quilts.” Following these experiences, the group spent time brainstorming possibilities for collaboration with Gideon Falter, of the Campaign Against Antisemitism UK. The students concluded their visit with a professionally guided walking tour of Jewish London, and a planning session for post trip on campus engagement.