During the last week of May, seven Boston-area college students will travel to Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. The core of the trip will take place at the former Nazi death camp where one-million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. We will also visit Jewish sites in the town Oswiecm, adjacent to the Auschwitz I camp.

This mission is part of “Together, Restoring Their Names,” one of many projects tied to CJP’s “IACT” Campus Initiative. We are partnering with the State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Auschwitz Jewish Center for tours and content, and fellows will also conduct their own pre-trip research to present on-site. For the first time, each of the fellows will be live-blogging throughout the mission, with the public invited to submit questions.

Please follow us on Facebook for links to our live-blog beginning on May 26. You are also welcome to submit questions to us in advance by emailing them to Elan Kawesch: Elan@TogetherRestoring.com

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Cheyenne Paris

Brandeis University


Jessica Levine

Simmons University


Kalen Michals

Simmons University


Madeline Herrup

Brandeis University


Maggie Kuck

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Elan Kawesch, Director, TRTN

Brandeis University


Michael Meagher

Boston University

Photos from our 2015 trip to Poland